Some Frequently Asked Questions

I really want all my clients to get the most from their photoshoot, so I’ve compiled a list here of some of the most common questions which people have. If you have any others, please feel free to get in touch and ask me.

1 What makes a good headshot?
Personally, I think if you can easily identify the location or back ground to a portrait, then the photographer has failed. The sole focus of the shot should be the actor. Trafalgar Square clearly visible in the background is a No-No!. Back ground should be mood driven and not recognisable. Lighting is imperative. Your photographer should have a grasp and understanding of lightbox use and shadow. Without giving too much away, lens choice plays a huge part and the photographer should understand aperture, appropriate depth of field and Bokeh.

Oh yeh.. The other thing that makes a good head shot is YOU: Have an early night the night before, turn up early so there is no rush and drink loads of water. Ring the photographer for a chat prior to the meeting to break the ice and know where you are going.

2 What should I wear?
The traditionalist would say black top; white top! I say bring all your favourite items. Be comfortable and used to your clothes. Girls: it is good to see your collar bone and your neck width in the images so, cover the traditional requirements but also push the boat out a bit
Boys: perhaps beard or stubble to start, then shave at the shoot for variation. Low neck, casual shirts, jackets, chunky jumpers, coats, knitwear….. you get the gist!

We love complimentary colours but what do we mean by complimentary colours? These are the colours that suit your hair and eyes. Avoid stripes and crazy or current Aztec patterns… these can really detract from the most important feature.. YOU!

3 Black and white or colour photographs?
There is some hype about colour HSs (or American style head shots) at the moment. A recent survey by ‘The Stage’ showed that the majority of agents and main stage establishments still prefer to see b/w.

This is exactly why we provide every image in colour and b/w.

Colour is obviously going to show your true representation and style but serious or more contemporary roles would probably demand b/w, while musical and modern roles may demand colour…… this is all up for argument, however the fact remains that the majority of image requests I have are for colour…Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…..the debate goes on!

4 Make up and hair
I would recommend the most basic make up to create the most natural and attractive shots.

I will complete a brush-over on every shot I present to you, ensuring that any blemishes, spots or imperfections are removed.

It is usually best for a slight amount of cover up, a shine to the lips and minimal eye make up. We will have plenty of time to re-apply and change looks.

If you require a make up artist then I work with some of the best, so this can be organised at an additional cost. If you have a set look that you are happy with, then let me see it and we can work on it. Just remember that if you are approaching castings and applying for auditions, then you need to let the casting team put your face to the character: blank canvas.

Hair styles do vary in head shots and I would always recommend bringing all your bits and bobs to adjust style and create. Best to wash your hair the night before…static…Grrrrrr!.

5 How often should I get my headshots completed?
Every 2 years is the normal procedure.

Of course if you have made dramatic changes to your appearance then you would need to consider this.

For juniors who are growing and changing on a monthly basis then probably every year would be necessary to keep up with their development.

6 Can I get more images than you offer in your package?
Yes: Any single image requirements above the amount offered in each package are charged at £10.00 per single file and this includes editing.

7 What if I have another question?
No problem! Feel free to get in touch anytime and ask me. You can find all my contact details HERE.